Bunk Beds

Sophomore year is sure to be one for the books. I have moved into the Pi Beta Phi sorority house with all of my best friends. I survived my first sorority recruitment. I have successfully completed my third syllabus week at the University of Missouri. While I may still be sleeping in a bunk bed, I am ready to do adult things and act in adult ways. (Mom, I know you are reading this. Don’t worry this “adultness” does not mean I won’t be visiting you and my queen size bed every three weeks or so.) I am excited for this year because, with the classes I am taking, I hope to have my brain challenged in a way it has never has been before. I will discover new points of view in my Cross-cultural journalism class and Introduction to World Religions. I will learn more about my native language in English 1000 and try to master more of my second in Spanish 2100. Lastly, I will get to use my creativity in Multimedia Journalism.

In Multimedia Journalism, I cannot wait to begin learning. I have always loved technology and trying to figure out how to work it. Being on my high school yearbook, I was privileged enough to be exposed to many Adobe Creative Cloud programs, such as InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop. I am excited to expand my knowledge on these programs, as well as learn new ones that will help me professionally.

Since I got my first digital camera in 7th grade, I have enjoyed looking through a lens. While this is not something I do often anymore, I find the topic of photography fascinating. Having participated in art classes most of my life, I love color, light, and shadows. I am excited to explore these interests through a lens, instead of pen, pencils, and paint.

The sound and video portion of this class will be completely new to me. The thought that I will be creating pieces similar to the examples I saw in the first lecture is thrilling. I cannot wait to see what my classmates and I can come up with in the upcoming weeks.

My goals for J2150 is in the words of my lab instructor, Timothy Maylander, “to become proficient in everything and a master at nothing.” Because I am passionate about being creative, I hope to find at least a small interest in each topic we learn in this class. I also hope that I continue to use and practice and possibly even master the skills I will learn in this class. Lastly, I hope this blog becomes a regular part of my life, whether I am studying abroad or showcasing my work or simply writing about small life happenings.

Here’s to another fantastic semester at Mizzou.


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