The Color Red

This week, we were given the famous Seein’ Red assignment. Essentially, you have to go out and take photos with red as the main focus of the image. This project is also to force us to use the cameras for the first time out in the world. It was definitely scary. I feel much more confident not only with the settings on my camera, but taking a huge, professional camera out to take pictures with.

I took most of my photos around dusk, which definitely posed some problems for me being a first timer. By the suggestion of my teacher, I took the same photo over and over again until I was satisfied with the settings and the outcome. A lot of them simply did not turn out at all. Like this one I took at Quinton’s downtown or the picture of a mason jar full of flowers :



Finally, I got three pictures that I was happy with after many tries and setting changes. Raubarbershop Raubike Raucolumnflowers

If I could do one thing differently, I would definitely have shot at different times of the day. While the time I went ended up working out for me, I know shooting in the morning and afternoon are completely different than shooting right before dinner time. Thankfully, we have more photo projects that I can test my skills with. I am proud that I can use such an expensive piece of equipment and that I know how to actually work some of it now.

On top of all of this, I notice red everywhere now. I practice lining up shots in my head that I would take for this assignment. Even though it has only been a week, I can already feel myself growing in the world of DSLR, ISO, shutter speed and aperture.


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