Lights, camera, action

This week in class, we learned about videography. We are using Canon camcorders with tripods. Some general rules for filming are:

  • Hold a shot for a minimum of 10 seconds
  • Don’t tilt or pan while the camera is rolling
    • You should do this as you set your shot
    • Exception: if there is movement and you have good reason to capture it (i.e. following someone)
    • If you’re going to break this rule, know where you’re going to begin and end before you shoot
  • Instead of using zoom, move closer to your subject
  • Shoot from a variety of depths
  • White balance every time you change light conditions
    • You should carry a piece of printer paper with you
  • Try to use a B-roll instead of having a talking head stay on the screen forever
  • Practice makes adequate video

We also learned about the 5-shot sequence:

  • Shot 1: Extreme close up (hands)
    • a close up of the hands doing something
    • example: the receiver’s hands on a football
  • Shot 2: Close up (face)
    • shows who the hands belong to
    • example: head shot of the receiver’s face and helmet
  • Shot 3: Medium (hands and face)
    • gives us a better idea of what’s going on
    • example: receiver’s face, chest, arms catching the ball
  • Shot 4: Over the Shoulder
    • this is probably the toughest shot
    • make sure you get a good balance of shoulder and background
    • example: POV of receiver being thrown to
  • Shot 5: Something Else
    • medium or tight shot
    • get down on the ground or up on a table
    • example: a low-wide of the revere running sprints

You should also include a establishing shot. This is a scene setter, gives a sense of place, and usually shows up first.

Here’s an example of the 5 shot sequence.


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