Putting it all together

This week we learned about editing video. It was interesting for me to pick up a few new skills because since I was little I have been editing small short videos on iMovie. Now that I have moved to more professional equipment and software due to this class, it amazes me how many things you can do.

We discussed the difference between transitions.

  • Crossfade: (in sound or movie editing) make a picture or sound appear or be heard gradually as another disappears or becomes silent. 
  • Straight cut: A basic cut; Shot A abruptly ends and Shot B abruptly begins.

We talked about the use of lower third super.

  • Portion of screen of regular broadcast reserved for textual and static visual contentLowerThird_ActionSafe_Left

I am excited to use the filming techniques we learned last week and put it all together. I have always loved editing and making a finished product, so I am happy we are to this point. Here is my short 30 second video clip I made about the Flying Cow. They are a small t-shirt printing company located in downtown Columbia, Missouri. This video gives a short explanation about the process of producing a shirt.


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