News Channel 2150

Reviewing our last project, we went over some reminders:

  • Your tripod locks should be all the way off or all the way on
  • There should be no jerky or unnecessary movement
  • Must have a reason to have movement in your shot
  • You must keep the camera level at all the times
  • Make sure you record at least 10 seconds of video without zooming
  • If you do use the zoom, the act of zooming should not be seen in your final edit

Next, we discussed points that will be important for our next project, a short TV style video:

  • Use a zoom recorder to record your narration
  • With your narration, make sure you are providing direction
  • Be aware of the place you are recording your sound
    • Room with high ceilings can have echoes
    • Don’t be in a space that has a lot of places for the sound to bounce off of
  • Be sure to include at least one 5-shot sequence
  • Here is an example of a great TV style video:
    • This video has a great variety of shots
    • There were lots of people and lots of tight shots
    • The sound had good depth — people in the background having conversations and jazz music playing
    • At no point did the sound seem like it was competing
    • The mood changes in the story. They do this by changing the setting (he is in his house), the tone of the narrator’s voice, and the absence of jazz music playing.

While the 5 shot sequence is very effective, there are many other types of sequences you can use in your video. Action-reaction is when the camera focuses on something, shot changes to the reaction to that something. An example is names of victims of a school shooting to a crowd and then the reactions of the crowd. Another is the action-cutaway-acton. The camera focuses on an action, the shot changes to something else, and the shot changes back to the action. An example is a teacher writing on the whiteboard to students taking notes and then back to the teacher writing on the blackboard. Match on action sequence is when the camera films an action, shot changes to the same action but from a different example. An example is a shot during basketball game see from different angles.

We finished the class with the mention of our final project! Excited to get it started!


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