My classmate, Libby Hudson, and I are partners for our final project in this class. It is essentially a culmination of every thing we have learned so far, including video, still photography, audio, and text. Here is our theme proposal:

Our theme is on Maggie Teson. She is a student here at Mizzou, and she writes parking tickets. This being one of the most hated actions by students, we thought it would be interesting to get her side of the story. Every student has gotten parking tickets, so putting a face to a person who is writing them is important.  We would like to capture the emotion of her daily job, as well as get a point of view from a student receiving one or what the student tries to do to get out of one.

We would be following her on the job, so in parking garages and parking lots mostly. We could also explore what she does to get ready for a cold day or see what the parking ticket office is like. We can speak with her boss and co-workers. We can also speak to students about their experiences with getting tickets. Cars have great sounds, as well as students yelling at Maggie to stop writing them tickets.

Since we have expensive equipment, it won’t be logical to capture her in the rain so that could pose a problem. Also, we need to meet with her at times none of us have class, but I’m sure that will be easily worked out.

I am excited to work with Libby because she is always on top of her assignments She thinks differently than I do, so we can collaborate on our theme and make sure we are not missing out on anything that would be important to cover.

Can’t wait to share our progress and the final project!


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