Final Project Wrap-Up

The final link to our website is Please check it out and share!

I have very happy with the way our project turned it out. I feel that while it met the requirements, it also went beyond that. It is a practical website for all Mizzou students to learn more about parking on campus. While we didn’t cover all parking on campus, we highlighted important parking ideas: permit parking, metered parking, and free parking. We also gave links to help students find even more information on parking. Most of these links connect to the MU website, but we linked specific sites, so students do not have to search around on the confusing site.

I think our major problem with the project had to do with the platform we originally chose to present our project. We started off on This site has a great idea behind it, but it hard to use and tended to be glitchy. We wanted more freedom to customize our site, so we switched our project to I am so happy we did because I feel that our site is much better on this platform. WiX allows for almost complete customization for free, and it is very easy to use.

As for collecting our actual content, I am thrilled I had Libby as my partner! She was very easy to work with, and she was always on time. Not mention, she had some great ideas to contribute to the project.

Our content, I think, is very beneficial to MU students. We included  a point of view from a parking enforcer, Maggie Teson. I think this is very important aspect of our project because generally, students hate those who write them tickets. This provides her perspective and why she thinks her job is important to students and the university. Next, we also highlighted different options of parking. I would have loved to have a site like this when I was looking for parking options at the beginning of this year.

I created the site design. I feel that it really reflects and enhances our theme and information that we provide. The yellow color is often seen in traffic signs. The blue is a complementary accent to the yellow that provides the second color. Then I chose to stick with simple black and white for the last two colors. I used the fonts Mueso, Museo Slab, and Helvetica Light as the different font levels throughout the site.

Overall, I am thrilled with how our site turned out, and I am excited to share it with my peers. Since the MU parking site is confusing and ugly, I think this site will help students become much more informed on parking at Mizzou. This project allowed me to really grasp all aspects of journalism, while working under a theme. I think this project is very important because of this reason.

Again, here is the website link: Please share!


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